Hi Dr. Pransky,
My name is Colleen Harshbarger and I currently work with college students at WVU's student recreation center. I would like to know if you are aware of any other applications of the Principles for college students. I would also be interested in hearing about applications for middle and high school students beyond those mentioned in Prevention from the Inside-Out.
Thanks, I've thoroughly enjoyed reading your work.
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Hi Colleen,
The only place I know of personally where this has permeated the environment for college students is Woodbury College in Montpelier, Vermont. Kelly Young is Director of the Prevention and Community Development Program at Woodbury, and she attended one of my (what I’ve been calling) Health Realization Long Term Professional Training Courses. Her predecessor, Christie Binzen also attended one of my courses. They both brought it back to the college in their program and I am guessing that “Prevention from the Inside-Out” is about 50% of their program, because the whole PCD program pretty much operates via Health Realization philosophy. Unfortunately, the undergraduate program there is experiencing drastic enrollment problems right now and it may have to end. But If you want more information about it, write to Kelly Young, KellyY@woodbury-college.edu. Oh, also Dr. Diane McMillen at Wasburn University in Topeka, Kansas has seen it have a great effect on her students diane.mcmillen@washburn.edu.
About applications for middle school students, I wrote a “curriculum” for middle school students called
Healthy Thinking/Feeling/Doing from the Inside-Out. It has not exactly been widely used, but it is being used in various places, most of which I don’t know the specifics of. Ami Chen Mills-Naim wrote a beautiful book for High School Students called The Spark Inside, which I highly recommend. Last year I co-taught (with one of my Vermont students) a course for high school students who couldn‘t make it in the regular school system, but it turned out the course was too short. I felt like we were just gaining enough rapport with them to get through when it was time for the class to end. They claim that the course helped them but I wasn’t that thrilled with it, myself. You might also check out what they’re doing in Santa Clara County, California with high school students. For that information you may want to write to Linda Ramos, the address for whom Judy Sedgeman probably has. I forget what age Tabitha Coffindaffer works with but she’s not too far from you (oops-assuming you’re in West Virginia—maybe you’re not); as she has been though one of my long trainings and I’m pretty sure she uses this with the students she counsels. tcoffindaffer@valleyhealthcare.org.
Most of my experience in seeing how it works with students has been in elementary school.
Thanks for your question. I hope this helps.
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