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PUBH 580:

Prevention Through Resiliency

West Virginia University

Department of Community MedicinePublic Health Master's Program----Pylons depicting the history of Medicine in the Health Sciences Learning CenterPhoto by Bob Beverly/Biomedical Communications
Welcome from Course Instructor,
Judy Sedgeman, Director, Institute for Public Policy and Leadership, University of South Florida, Sarasota-Manatee; Adjunct Professor, West Virginia University School of Medicine, Consultant, Three Principles approach to understanding the human experience.

Sample student presentations

Welcome to our continuing study of resiliency. Here we will be able to view each other's work and comment. Go to discussions to see a sample and learn more about posting. If you're a visitor to our site, you can post, too. We'd love to share ideas.The idea of Wiki is a partnership of learning and sharing information. Try browsing the Help menu if you're not familiar with Wiki spaces, and also experimenting uploading and posting files. (You can delete anything you post with a click of the mouse.) You can post anything you're interested in sharing and invite everyone to come onto Wiki spaces and take a look. As an example of how this works, click here to find our textbook author, Jack Pransky's, answers to questions from former students Shelly, Colleen, and Su.

Download for a 3.5 CE Unit continuing education course open to anyone in the world who is interested in resiliency, the principles of Mind, Thought and Consciousness, and Innate Health. Here's a link to WVU Extended Learning for registration information for the course.

Here's a link to a podcast on how to study with a free and clear mind.

Visit Judy Sedgeman's blogs:

Click here to find a definition of Innate Health. Feel free to add or edit -- if you can contribute to this so that it is clearer and more meaningful to more people, that would be great!

Click to find an article in process which you can comment on or contribute to. It's the first attempt to describe the reliability and validity process for an instrument in development, the SBI-64.